SADs Songs, Vol. 1

Flashback Friday is in full swing.

Hello! Hi there! How are ya?

It’s been a wild week in Washington state, what with the smokey skies, and, you know, the President threatening sedition against Mayor Durkan. I’ve felt cooped up, shut up, and isolated now even moreso than back in March when lockdown began. When everything is insane as it is now, and only posing to get weirder, I have to look for something good to hold on to. What better thing than music?

These are songs from “back in the day” — a flashback Friday playlist, if you will. Songs from my youth that I obsessed over and enjoyed. As always, the playlist prominently features riot grrl and female-fronted music. If that’s not your thing, why are you even here?

I’ve added SADs Songs, Vol. 1 to Spotify.

Today’s tracklist includes:

I’ve linked to the artists’ Bandcamp page where available. It turns out The Muffs and X-Ray Spex are so vintage that they don’t care about that ish. Please consider supporting artists you enjoy during, well, all times, but especially right now.

On the first Friday of every month in 2020, Bandcamp will waive its fees for artists to sell on their platform. Add that to your calendar and get yourself some great music and swag.

I’m hoping to post a couple of playlists every season, frequency to be determined. Let me know what you think of this one. Enjoy.